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Bishop Sklba's prayer


More Video of Mayor Barrett, Cullens, and John Steinmiller


Community Meal founders Michael & Nettie Cullen speak at the meal's 40th anniversary. Clickhere for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.Here for TV interview with Br. Dave.


Bango and staff from Milwaukee Bucks recently helped serve Palermos Pizza to our guests


Capuchin Apartments break ground!
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St. Ben's Community Meal is Milwaukee's biggest potluck dinner. Celebrated 40 years Nov 13, 2010. In those 40 years 4,006,000 meals served!

Through the generousity of WaterStone Bank, please vote for St. Ben's Community Meal as your favorite charity.

Contest Details: To celebrate WaterStone’s 90th anniversary, the Bank is giving away a total of $90,000 to a few lucky local charities or schools during the month of April...and the community gets to choose! The $90,000 will be donated based on the votes submitted by the general public from April 1 through April 30, 2011.

The lucky charity or school that receives the most votes during April will receive $30,000! The four charities or schools with the next highest number of votes will each receive $15,000.

There is no limit to the number of votes an individual may place.

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Over 85 religious groups and organizations bring in hot, home-made dishes for our guests, six nights a week. Some weeks we serve over 2,000 guests We all share a meal and companionship.

Who are our guests? Many of our guests are homeless. Some are chronically poor. Some are the working poor. Each one of our guests has a story. More

Hospitality ministers and "Blue Shirt" security staff ensure a hospitable & safe environment inside & outside.